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The cruising world has changed! Every day, more and more people are discovering the all-inclusive pleasures of a cruise vacation. Select a brand from the options below to find your next cruise vacation or keep looking for top deals chosen by our staff.

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Australia & New Zealand

Discover Aussie & Kiwi splendorsGain deep insight into the native and European cultures of Australia and New Zealand. Hear about Sydney’s and Hobart’s penal past from a descendant of Australia’s first settlers. Admire the Victorian treasures of Dunedin, the fragrant English gardens of Christchurch and Wellington and the art deco glories of Napier. Enjoy the […]

In the Wake of the Vikings

Journey to VinlandTrace the route of Viking Leif Eriksson, who discovered American shores 500 years before Columbus. From the Norwegian mercantile city of Bergen, set off to the rustic Shetland Islands in Scotland. Cruise to the magnificently picturesque Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland; then, view ancient Norse settlements at L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland. Explore the […]

From the Caribbean to the Amazon

Journey along a legendary riverFollow the Caribbean and Atlantic to the legendary Amazon during an exciting 22-day cruise. From San Juan, sail to Barbados and the Îles du Salut of French Guiana. Then cruise along the Amazon, calling on historic riverside ports along the way. Return to the Caribbean, where you can explore the lush […]

NEW! Atlantic Crossing & Mediterranean

Historic seas & European treasuresTraverse the storied Atlantic Ocean and explore some of Western Europe’s most iconic ports when you combine Atlantic Crossing and Iconic Western Mediterranean. Depart Miami for scenic St. Martin. Call on the stunning “Garden Island” of Madeira and enjoy two nights in beautiful Barcelona. Immerse yourself in southern France’s seaside splendor, […]

NEW! Canada & New England Scenic Shores

Scenic landscapes & vibrant culturesAdmire the natural beauty and colorful autumn hues of Canada and New England. As you cruise, learn about the rich history and lively culture of the province of Quebec. Discover the Scottish heritage and seafaring ways of the Canadian Maritimes, then immerse yourself in the striking landscapes surrounding Bar Harbor. Sail […]

North Pacific Passage

Discover where East & West converge Unravel the mysteries of Japan with local guides. Learn about life in a remote Russian city with one who calls it home. Cross the Bering Sea, tracing the legendary path of the first human migration to the Americas. In Alaska, cruise into glacier-strewn, mountain-ringed bays, stopping in former frontier […]

Caribbean & Mediterranean Odyssey

Sail deep into the Old World Combine West Indies to Spain and Mediterranean Odyssey for a one-of-a-kind 26-day cruise from San Juan, across the Atlantic and into the Mediterranean. Uncover the colorful cultures of the Caribbean, the rich past of Spain and France, the scenic and architectural splendors of Italy, the medieval treasures of Croatia and more. Overnight stays […]

Panama Canal & the Pacific Holiday

Explore vibrant cities & natural landscapes Cruise the legendary Panama Canal, exploring Central America’s colonial and natural beauty. From Miami, sail to Jamaica and Aruba before discovering Cartagena, Colombia, where you will take in the city’s historic treasures. Cruise to Panama to transit the famed “Path Between the Seas.” Visit Nicaragua, a visually arresting country […]